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Andrew Auto Transport Review

Go to auto transport websites and read Andrew auto transport reviews you will see that they do the same thing to most customers they give you a low ball quote and post the price way higher on the trucking posts with no intention on shipping the car for the price they tell you they don’t care they get you to give them a deposit and sign a contract that says they get to keep the deposit and they don’t have to do anything they never even gave me any quotes what a company I hope this keeps someone from not losing there hard earned money a reputable company won’t ask for a deposit and have you sign a contract so please don’t fall for a low ball bid it will cost you more and if other people that have fallen for this trap and band togther i would bet we would have a good case against this company I’ve read at leat 10 reviews that are the same and that’s just a fraction of the customers that have fallen for this trap

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