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I had purchased a fawn pug puppy from Ann Wasserman of Ringwood, NJ back in December 2013. I had contacted her a few times with issues and concerns. The first being on the night I had taken her home; I discovered she had fleas and was covered in flea dirt. That of course later led to worms, both of which I had taken care of immediately on my own. Ann’s response was she was unaware that the puppy had fleas, never has had any problems. Since then I had contacted her on more then one occasion to let her know, my dog had been having seizures. I was hoping she could have offered some advice, and taken some interest for surely as a breeder this would be important and valuable information for her, but to my surprise she seemed to show no concern, not for me, the dog, or anyone else this would surely affect. She seemed to have hurried me off the phone and want nothing to do with the situation. I would hate to think that she made her money and therefore is clear of any responsibility, if not financially as least conscientiously. I would also hate to think that she is knowingly breeding dogs with medical problems and having owners put their dogs through all types of tests and drug treatments, or even worse, euthanized, not to mention the financial and emotional burden it puts on the owner and family. Sure enough after many seizures and tests and different doctor visits, my dog was diagnosed with granulomatous meningoencephalitis/necrotising meningoenchephalitis (GME/NME) which was the cause for all her seizures. This type of disease clearly runs in the blood line of this dog, so for her to tell me no other dogs in her litter or in her line are having a problem is actually impossible. (I have all of my dogs medical records and bills as proof) This led me to thinking what reputable breeder or decent person for that matter would do this and/or show no concern when it was brought to their attention? This led me to do some research and sadly I didn’t find anything positive. (SEE BELOW) In fact, I found many people who have gone through the same and/or similar situations all due to her negligence. Further research has shown she had been brought up on charges and that still wasn’t enough for her to have the decency to clean up her act or quit breeding altogether. I am also very aware that I am not the only one in this situation at the current time. I have made several posts on different websites and had read many awful experiences people went through, as well as had people contact me directly and share their experiences. I know for a fact this has happened to more then just me and that it is continuing!!

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