Another Chance Ministries

Another Chance Ministries Review

Fraud! This church & Pastor is a Fraud as well most of the members, the pastor collects food stamps and SSI checks. He gets Food stamps from the members who are poor. He has No Non-profit or 501 c 3. | He is not registered with the Attorney general’s office. and is Not Allowed to collect Offerings. He also has right out stolen money from Members and then threaten them with GODS Wrath. He preaches Good. | But heart is Evil! His wife is even worse. NEVER TRUST THESE PEOPLE. SCAM CHURCH NO GOOD They HURT People. This pastor and his wife are in multiple LAW Suites. check for yourself….. | CHURCH MEMBERS ARE STARVING and PASTOR T. | AND HIS EXTREAMLY OVER WEIGHT WIFE ARE LIVING HIG OF THE HOG. THEY STEAL MONEY AND DEFRAUD EVERY PERSON THAT COMES THROUGH THE CHURCH. | AND HIS LOYAL MEMBERS THEY HELP HIM WITH THE CON AND SCAMS. THEREFORE, PEOPLE DON’T TRUST CHURCHES. HE IS JUST A MODERN-DAY PIMP! PREACHING SCREAMING IS GREAT BUT HE ALSO IS IN DEBT NOT FROM THE CHURCH HE DOES NOT TAKE CARE OF HIS BILLS. AND EVERYTHING HE HAS GOES IN CHURCH MEMEBERS NAMES. EVEN UTIITES. | He never Graduated High School nor did his wife, He also gets info from his members on people/couples they invite and he then gives them fake prophey from God! when he already knew all of there personal issues. | He is going to go to jail, please go to another church, dont waste your money! He begges for money and use it for clothing and very expensive iteams. when his members are starving. He is not supose to have this church open. its an ilegal church. GOD DONT BLESS A MESS PASTOR T.

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