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I hired Mr. Bugge to defend my son in a deportation matter in April of this year. I paid him in full within the first 2 weeks. During this time he communicated with me and talked a good game. As soon as he was paid in full, communication went from sparse to non existant. | He failed to prepare for the case, despite being given multiple opportunities by the judge. My son was ordered deported, and I heard this information from ICE’s 800 . | He did not show up at the last hearing and the case went to appeal, which we did not want. This only means more time at that 5 star hotel in Glades and more money for the lawyer to do absolutely nothing. | The order was given on 1st October; it is now the 16th and he said he has no information for me. Do not hire this attorney. You will only regret it. | I regret that decision everyday. He has ripped my son from his children because of negligence.

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  1. Kimber Hokkanen
    June 16, 2020

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