APN Consulting, Inc.

APN Consulting, Inc. Review

I found a job listing on Indeed.com that APN consulting was representing. I applied and received a phone call from the number on this report. First we went through my experience listed on my resume over the phone. Then, we discussed salary. As we were wrapping things up, the caller asked me for my birthday and the last three numbers of my SSN. He said four would be ok too. That’s when alarm bells went off in my head. | I have contacted several recruiters in the area since this call. None of them have heard of this company sourcing jobs in the Denver area. Also, they confirmed that asking for a birthday is not allowable under US employment law (Age discrimination). They also mentioned that no one in their industry asks for any part of a SSN over the phone or via e-mail. | This looks like an Identity stealing scam.

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