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I had my first experience with Jason LaFlesch and AIL this past weekend in which I went to look at a Condo that they had advertised for sale. Being a recent grad and looking to purchase my first home Jason came off as a great person to work with and even went as far as saying he rather work with someone financing then an all cash deal as other brokers have been doing because he just wanted to know the home was in good hands. After taking a tour of the listing we made and offer verbally. The offer was coutered by the seller and we met the request. The seller, through Jason, accepted the offer verbally and we were informed that we would receive paperwork via email to fill out. Jason also asked us to use a friend of his for the pre-qual even though we had already been pre-qualified through a different company, but he said his “guy” was great and would offer us a faster closing time. | | Hours went by and finally after I called and texted Jason he informed me that after our verbal offer was accepted he was offered a cash deal that was $5,000 better and if we couldn’t meet it “it was his fiduciary responsibility to report back to the seller”, which is exactly what he did. We then told him that we would be contacting our lawyer and that this violated his dual representation responsibilities. He agreed to make it right and that the deal was back on, he screwed up, and he would send the documentation over that night. We returned the documentation the next morning to which he called and responded that “his guy” told him I failed to meet the prequal…EVEN though I had already been prequalified for more then the loan just days before with my own company. At this point the “seller was not near her computer and could not sign the documentation” and would be unable to do so for the next hour or so. Later that night we received an email saying our offer was formally declined. | This right here is clearly unethical, bad business, greed in its best form. The fact that Jason manipulated the entire deal and held off from getting me the proper paperwork to make the formal offer in writing was all a ploy to hold off for a stronger offer. Not only did he not represent my best interests, but his company is clearly one to be aware of if you are interested in purchasing a home. STAY AWAY from AIL and Jason LaFlesch, he is a true salesman and plays the game very well. I will most certainly be spreading the word on this guy and his real way of doing business. Don’t listen to the pitch and the gimmics that he throws at you…go to someone else. I am more then happy to provide emails and texts, proving all of the above. I hope he sleeps well at night knowing that he is a scumbag and I’m embarrassed to be a graduate of the same university as him…clearly they didn’t teach business ethics back in 2001 like they do now.

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