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Horrible facility! along with AZ Pain Doctors (started by a former doctor from AZ pain specialists, Dr. Tristen Pico). All use the same tactics. Without looking at my records that contained x-rays, MRI’s, previous surgeries showing “bone on bone” after an injury, confirmed arthritis, inflammation, and several other painful conditions the doctor diagnosed me with yet another condition after just a few minutes visit. McJunkin said I needed ” their procedures” right away, my pain was that bad! However their very first action was to cut all of my pain medications in half, and I was told eventually it would be down to nothing, regardless of my pain. Then I was to sign a pain contract with them, restricting where I go to get medications, threats of being fired and no longer having relief for my pain if I miss an appointment, or do anything thing on the list wrong. | I was only given 2 weeks of medication (half dosage as well) and was to come back every two weeks (paying specialty rates) or no medication!! I was to have expensive urine tests, every two weeks at first, then every month. No to make sure that my kidneys are ok or check for infection, no, it tests for numerous medications prescribed, not prescribed, never taken, illegal drugs (I have never heard of), and alcohol, all at a high deductable cost to me and my insurance of over $850-$1500 a test, depending on what they feel like testing that month. They have billed me at full cost without using my insurance and still continue to bill me even though I never became a patient. | We know they could care less about the patient care but why aren’t more insurance companies outraged at the abuse to their financial interests. When the primary care doctors were taking care of chronic pain patients that were established and well-documented costs were much lower. This excessiveness by the “pain management” doctors and all the hoops we now have to jump through because of their unreasonable fears of the DEA cost more in time and money. | Laws need to be put in place for the patient to protect them, and protect the continuity of care so chronic pain patients are not subjected to the cruel treatment, pain and withdrawal at the doctors hands. We should not be punished again by the system or by a doctor because we have the misfortune of having chronic pain. | These types of “pain specialist “that prey on the patient’s condition, and strip them of their dignity, time, and money need to be reported to the medical boards. Just because some people have abused medications, or sold them on the street does should not equate to taking advantage of those who do not. Treating everyone like a criminal is simply unfair. The undue suffering, repeated procedures that do not work and denying chronic pain the right to a normal life is not only shameful but should be considered malpractice. | Nobody wants to live with constant pain, or a chronic condition that renders them unable to work and be productive. But without the pain medication that works, that is exactly what happens. The doctors that continue to make excessive profits, intimidate, scrutinize, and refuse to write the medication that has been established to work for that patient needs to stop. | ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! It is no different than a person with a thyroid disease that needs synthroid to survive. They are not subjected to pay for numerous office visits at the cost of a ‘specialist’ each time they refill their medications each month. If they have to change doctors there is no question whether they will be able to get their medications from that new doctor or not . They don’t have to worry if their pharmacy does not have enough for the month, they can just go to another pharmacy. They are not forced to go without the medication, jump through hoops if a different pharmacy was used or worry that they will be fired because they did use a different pharmacy. | If you or someone you know is suffering, or experienced this kind of nightmare, please write your legislators, the medical board, viatals and this site, write anyone and everyone. Ask the legislators to create laws that protect legitimate, established, chronic pain patients from this kind abuse and lack of continuity of care by these doctors. These patients are already suffering enough! | The focus is no longer on the patient’s right to quality of life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness, it is making the most money off the backs of the chronic pain patient. Everyone should read: “Prisoners of Pain” an AARP article.

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