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During my lunch break at work, I decided to go grab a bite to eat at a nearby shopping plaza and was stopped by a new 2017 Jeep Cherokee SUV after I found parking and was walking to the place to go get food and was immediatedly asked for instruction on how to get to the airport from here. The two men seem to be foreign since they were both wearing black suits and was dressed very sharp but was explaining to me that they were here for business. I gave him direction to the SF International Airport from Natomas and he thanked me and asked me if I was big on fashion. He was telling me that he was a fashion designer for a big clothing company called Giorgio Armani and I was like wow this is pretty cool I just met a famous person. He went on about telling me how successful he did during his fashion show and that his company had alot of extra sample jackets that he was given and could not take it all with him back in Italy since the import duties and tax from customs would be higher to bring back so he showed me each material and the jackets were all my size | He then went on by telling me how he sees that I am a good man and wanted to share the love since its better to just help normal people who may not be as wealthy as his regular clients who buy from him all the time at Nordstroms and wanted to give me something as a token and a good cause for the day. He asked me if I had a sister or a mother whom may like Armani as well and of course I explained to him we do own a few things from that brand clothing and accesory wise and he immediately wanted to give some for them to have as well. I was stunned since he was not asking for anything and handed me 4 bags full of leather jackets all made from Italy and packaged in the Armani packaging. He showed me how each one was made from baby lamb, deer skin, silk, wool, etc. and of course I wanted to just hear what he was presenting to me. One of the jackets he explained was fire-resistent and was leather. | He took out a lighter and was lighting it and it did not melt or heat or melt the jacket. I was like wow. Anyways, he wanted to give me his business card and showed me his portfolio of the fashion shows he did at San Francisco Mascone Center and just finished his other show here in Sacramento at the Cal Expo. He had a binder with all his banking cards, passport as well as the sample cost for each jacket all ranging from $1,200-$2,000 so it blew my mind that he was going to give me 9 jackets for free. At the end, he told me if I were ever to come to Italy, to keep in contact with him and he will be able to get me access for the newest lineup for next season. ANd he wantd to offer me a free ticket for May 21 to his fashion show free of charge and come out to support. I was thanking him about all this and didnt know how to react. At the end he was telling me he had 2 daughters and one of his daughters birthday is tomorrow and she wanted the new ipad pro for her birthday and asked me if it was a good tablet to use for school. I told him yes and his english wasnt the best but he was making it seem like he wanted to get directions to the nearest electronics store from here to purchase it since everything is more expensive in Italy and wanted to just buy it here instead. So we drove to the closest Best Buy which was 3 lights down and I walked with him into the store to the Apple products and was asking one of the Best Buy employees what color and model they had. | Unfortunately alot of them were sold out completely in the district region so I was explaining to the guy that I dont mind having it bought online and shippping it back to him as a gift. He kept insisting that he wanted to physically suprise his daughter when he gets off the plane. So he did not mind settling for the lower end model and get a ipad mini and it did not have to be gold or rose gold. I told him I was late for clocking back into my lunch break and he told me that if I cant pay for the ipad now that is was okay but told me he really wanted to get something for his daughter as a gift. As a nice guy, I didnt want to just say no because I do believe in good karma and I was pretty naive and thought it wasnt about the monetary value of what he gave me since the 10 jackets he let me have that was in my trunk was supposedly worth $13k and just wanted to bring back a simple gift for his daughter in exchange and that would be alot easier for him to carry onto the plane. | I told him I can just help out with the cost and I can stop by the nearest ATM to withdraw some funds but honestly after spending so much time. I started to lose interest in the clothes because logically speaking, its 90 degrees out right now and I have more then enough jackets at home so I was not trying to spend alot for jackets. I told him I was trying to save up some of my money in my account for bills and other necessiities and he was very understanding and was not demaning a whole lot and asked me a few times to give what I think is reasonable or what I can offer and he would not be mad either way. I ended up giving him 200 and he was okay with that. He was showing me the website for the exact jackets I got and the price of it and after he left, I also did email him prior to going to the ATM since he wanted me to have a ticket for his next fashion show and wanted my full name so that he can get it mailed to me. Both were very sketchy and that was when a red flag was in my head from here on out. The email was not delieverable or email found. Also when I was backspacing the information he typed on google to go to his website, the next search showed Fake on the auto fill portion. | Anyways, I lost out $200 and he did a very good job at selling this scam. From the way he dressed with the full dress suit amd Christian Louboutin spike shoes and rolex watch and designer glasses and Italian accent and knowledge about all the cities there that I have been to, all the way to the expensive car her drove and a wad of cash he flaunted and showing me his Italian passport. I was already late for work so I didnt want to misss out on my job. I ended up showing him how to get onto the freeway to SF and then I just dipped and went back to work. | Lesson learned. Dont talk to strangers which I know better but this wasnt a scam artist coming out of a white van selling me junk or audio equipment which has been the most common scam. I have been to Italy before and have had the chance to find leather jackets that were of this quality and know the asking price and market price they priced things and so this wasnt a completely too god to be true experience. After I googled and found out about this site and how numerous other people have been affected by this scam as well, I didnt lose out too much besides my time. But I just wanted to give everyone else a heads up about this happening. Armani Collezioni is not part of the Armani Line! So please be careful. I notice the pattern that this occurs when a person asks for direction to the airport and offer you high end clothing at the end for exchange for what you feel like you would pay for it

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