ARS / Rescue Rooter Dallas

ARS / Rescue Rooter Dallas Review

I called ARS Rescue Rooter today to come out and fix a plugged up sink. There advertised special is attached. When Tech arrived he said that to snake the sink it would be $320.00. Then he said he would adjust it down to $260.00 which he left a bid for. | I asked why not the $88.00 special. He said because that is only for outside access drain cleaning. It does not say that on the add. He then said well because he had to remove the P trap. I said I would remove it. He then said but I have to bring the equipment inside the house. The front drain clean-out is 15 ft. from the kitchen sink! | I sent him “JOSH” down the road. I then called their Corporaqte headquarters….she admitted the add should have said outside access but it didn’t. She said she would get back with me, (if she could) bye the end of the day. Well that has passed. | These people take advantage of consumers in a bad way. I hope they realize there are many plumbers out there. Before I am done….this will be posted everywhere. The website would not let me copy and paste so I printed it off and also took a picture of add in case it were to change.

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