Arturo Sanchez

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I felt like I was reading a chapter from my own life after finding this report online as everything lines up almost exactly as what occured with us. | Arturo started a remodel job on our home last year. It was quite a big job that included removing walls, a whole kitchen remodel and new floors. At the beginning Arturo seemed like a trustworthy guy just trying to make an honest dollar and his prices seemed fair. He even had references that he gave that said he did okay work, but not great. Who knows they may not even been client and could have easily been friends.. However, after a few weeks on the job, things started to go south. | He began demolishing the whole house apart with his son and a helper and leaving a mess everywhere. As time went by I noticed he was getting really behind schedule. This was most likely due to him often not showing up some days or showing up late and leaving early. He always had some type of excuse such as his truck breaking down or something to do with a lawyer and his wife (just as the other guy described). They also always left their trash at our house. Although the work got behind, Arturo kept demanding additional draws and kept stating that he did additional work that took longer and he would get additional helpers to speed up the process once we gave him more money. Unfortunately, we gave him more money and then one day he just disappeared. | When asking if he needed to pull any permits he said that the city just wanted our money and it would cost $1,000s of dollars more. That was false as we had to pull our own permits eventually to have most of the little work he did do redone . I spent my entire summer last year putting our house together as he left the whole place trashed after he left. We had to get multiple other contractors back in here to finish the work that I could not do. At the time Arturo would answer his calls and he agreed to give us some of our money back as he understood what he did was wrong. However, after countless time of him saying he’d give us money back in payments, we have not got a dime back and now he refuses to answer our calls and texts. | Please make sure you do not go through the stress we had to endure by using Arturo. This resulted in one of the most stressful events of my life that I lost over 10lbs over that summer, which probably made me look slimmer, but I’m sure was not very good for my health. Additionally, I had to spend countlesss weekends, holidays and my days off putting our house back together. He really put a huge burden on our family for quite a while. Fortunately, we have almost got our house the way it should have been had Arturo kept his word.

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