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I am a 68 year old man who has lived in China for over 10 years. I joined AsiaMe in early March 2018. I am a widower and I lost my Chinese wife in 2017. Almost immediately I noticed that this site was amazing. Most of the women were very attractive. They all wanted to date older men. Most of them showed lots of cleavage in their photos. I have lived in China for a long time, and I have never seen women like this. | Right off the bat, I met a beautiful woman. Hua (P688776) She was 51 and divorced. She had her own business and her own money, and all she wanted was a man to love her and be faithful. She only lived 28 km away from my city in China. I decided she was the one so I started a conversation with her via email. Very rapidly, she became very affectionate. We decided to meet and set a time and place in my City. On that day, she did not show up. | When I asked her about it, she said she had an emergency and could not make it. But we continued to email and chat. This website charges for every email you send or read, every chat, every phone call. It is very expensive. I spent $100 on a 10 minute phone call. They are able to filter out any reference to contact information in email or photos. But I finally figured out how to beat the system. In chat, I can send a photo of my contact information that my lady can see and save. I sent it to her. She received it. She never responded to me after that. | Well, I had some extra credits so I started another conversation with another lady. Jing (P639472). The relationship with Jing was identical to the relationship with Hua. She was in love with me an could not wait to meet me, but she was busy in her business at the moment. I chatted with her and sent her my contact info. The results were exactly the same – no further contact. | I had a new one. Anna (613266). She was very interested. Sending me emails and dying to know more about me. I told her I would only chat with her off the AsiaMe site and sent my contact information. Once again, her interest was over. | So analyzing the situation, I have concluded that these women do not exist. They are click bait from the Asia Me website. Their purpose is to get interested gentlemen to spend lots and lots of money on the website. I spent over $2000 before I came to my senses. My suggestion, do not trust anything on this website. And if you go to China to see one of these girls, do not go unless you have all of their contact information and you have verified it. There might be one or 2 honest ones, but look at me, 3 in a row and none of them were real. | I have never been suckered like this in my life. Stay away from Qpid Network and AsiaMe.

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