ASIS Trading LLC

ASIS Trading LLC Review

I am making contribution to warn others who dealing with Asis Trading LLC and people like Bion Dale and Jonathon. | I have asked about refund after three weeks from the date they charged me because they did not provided the service I paid for. | Jonathon after three months of exchanging emails finally agreed for refund as I have asked formally just in time before 30 days expire. | In many emails he confirmed that he did refund and every time I have checked that it not happened. | In last six months I do not receive replies to my emails anymore. I do not exist anymore for them. I am dead ghost for them. | I think there are more people in the same situatio and many of them do not want to waste their time and talk about it. | In my opinion if people like Bion Dale and Jonathon will continue to hurt others and their families financially from others countries outside the USA than many do not believe that USA will great again. We will think that we are Ripoff again and again and stop to be finally surprise that other peoples are thinking about them as many crooks in live in USA so wish them the worst. | I believe that are many honest businesses in USA and crook ones should be eliminated step by step – normal clean-up. Not happy customers should speak to help the process.

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