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First I saw them back there with their little cutters putting all of their body weight on it trying to get the entire branch of my black walnut to break off instead of just trimming the ones that were next to the power poles. I did not hire this company, Idaho Power did. But when they were in the back of my property trimming trees they had no regard for the tree itself, they did not perform their job correctly, and instead of dealing with the branches that were next to the power lines, instead of dealing with the tree because it was a ash tree and has thorns, they just lopped it off halfway down the trunk and left a big stump there. Sadly the ash is native to Idaho and not something that they were not encountering already. The way they butchered the tree and the amount of bark that was peeled down the side from them breaking the branches and ripping it off the rest of the way have ruined the tree. | They cut it off level at the top so it looks like a six-foot-tall stump now and they didn’t seal the giant cut with anything at all. It is supposed to snow next week and I am certain that this tree is going to die, if it is not dead already. I am furious with this tree company for their lack of professionalism and their lack of accountability. Not only did they butcher my walnut tree and my ash tree, they left the plums touching the power lines! As demonstrated in one of the photos… You can also see the crappy job they did on the Walnut, they were actually putting all of their weight on the cutting pole hanging on it trying to get the entire subsection of giant Branch to break. The Walnut came out relatively unscathed because they saw me standing in the window watching them trim it. I’m sure it infuriated them to make them take their time instead of just breaking the branches. But after I left for work and they butchered the ash tree this is the last straw. If they come back on my property I will sue them for trespassing, contract or no contract with the power company. Right now I am considering suing them for damages. How much does a 13 year old ash tree cost these days… | Then they didn’t steal it, and there’s two tiny little branches sticking out of a stump. They ruined a tree that my daughter planted when she was 4 and I am absolutely Furious that they have no accountability for their tree butchering actions! They say they are professional arborist but no professional arborist would treat a tree this way I guarantee it. I tried to get ahold of the company there’s no way to leave a message for anyone, and the next time Power has to contract a tree removal service then they need to find an alternative resource because asplundh is not allowed on my property ever again. They are butchers who do not care.

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