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I got a notice that stated it was my “final notice” and me thinking this was of the utmost importance I decided to call in and see if it was legitimate. I spoke to what they call a “student loan advsisor” and sadly fell into their trap. | These are some of the lies I was told: | They work alongside the Government | They are licensed by the Government to do this work | They got all my information from the Government | They tried to make it seem like they did more then what they actually do | Overall it was all a manipulation for something that 100% should not cost nearly $1,000 to do. The person I spoke to rushed me through the process and made me feel like I had no other choice but to proceed so I stupidly decided to go through with it. | I was smart enough to stop and do my research a day after I enrolled and these are some of the things I found out about this company. | They make it sound like the forgiveness is 100% guaranteed but in reality you have to recertify every year and if you make like $10,000 more the next time you do it then your payment goes up even higher. | They are NOT IN ANY WAY ATTACHED TO THE GOVERNMENT | They did not obtain my information through the Government | These programs are FOR FREE on WWW.STUDENTLOANS.GOV | All this company does is fills out paperwork for you (meaning they just fill paperwork out for you) THAT IS IT | FORGIVENESS IS NOT GUARANTEED | You will not lose your opportunity to get into these programs if you dont enroll with them. There is no specified date from which you can enroll or anything like that. | They are manipulation and agressive and i’m sure they get paid some kind of commission doing this which is why they are so pushy. | I did this for free on the Governments website and it was easy as can be. Don’t be fooled when they try to scare you it is easy to do this yourself for free.

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