Attorney Leroy G. Lee

Attorney Leroy G. Lee Review

I hired Attorney Leroy G. Lee to handle a divorce that I was going through in which my husband was stealing our business and booting me out. I explained to the attorney that my husband closed out our bank account and took all of our money. Atty. Lee advsied me his retainer is normally $1500.00 but he would accept what I could give him as close to the $1500.00 as possible and that he would work on my case and file motions to get my husband to have to provide me temporary child support and pay my attorney fees. Atty. Lee said he is a business attoryney and that he was going to also seek assistance from a friend of his who is a Family Law attorney. When I hired him we met for 30 minutes in which I paid the $1100.00 and he gave me a business card as a receipt and wrote on the back that I had paid $1100.00 and initialed. He did not provide me any legal contract to sign and told me that we would meet in 3 weeks for him to get whatever information he needed from me. | When 3 weeks came, instead he was asking me for money. I asked him for my money back because I had already told him I did not have any access to anymore money and that was not the agreement we had spoke about. He refused to give me back my $1100.00 not even offer a partial refund. He claimed that since he had spoken to the other attorney that she was going to want part of the money, which I feel has nothing to do with me because he was seeking her help for my case, I didnt hire her. I hired him. Anyhow he did not do any work on my case and basically stole my money. When I asked for my money back he told me he couldnt give it back to me and that he would call me later for us to talk further and I never heard back from him again.

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