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I found Audra Miller Interiors through Pirch. I agreed to utilize her design services to redo two small bathrooms with having the understanding she would be able to keep within my budget of $55,000.00. | Problem 1 | She would not follow through with her commitments. Promising me that I would see the conceptual drawings within 3 weeks and 5 1/2 weeks later she presents her drawings and are not even completed. Just faded copies without details. NO virtual and no clear understanding on what were exactly doing. | Problem 2 | We met at Pirch to select the bathroom fixtures, which is part of her contract and she gives you wholesale pricing and there will be an additional 10% fee added to the purchase cost for her pricing. I highly recommend you to check the cost of your purchase because her wholesale pricing that she claims your receiving may not be considered competitve. She claimed that she saved me $4,000.00. | My problem is not with Pirch, but with her claiming that she is going to save cost by going through her. Not true. | Problem 3 | Audra Miller submits the drawings to her preferred contractor Greater Pacific Construction for a bid on the labor. The labor bid does not include the cost for all the fixtures and tile. Tile is to be purchased through Audra Miller Interiors which she not disclosed what the actual cost of those materials she selected will be. | I received the bid for labor at $72,000.00! The contractor was too expensive, over budget and she tells me no worries. I asked her to submit the drawings to a contractor which I know to get another bid for the labor. She would not submit the drawing to my contractor or myself, but Audra Miller would give the drawings to her contractor. This is unacceptable! | Audra Miller has already received $7,587.00 in deposits in good faith from myself and this is how she is going to conduct business with me and then responds with this excuse in her email. | “My focus is in the design aspect of the project selecting materials, plumbing, fixtures and layout initially not for the labor portion. As your designer I am unable to guarantee that the labor bid will meet your budget. Please keep in mind that a contractor is not a designer, as I’m not a contractor.” | When Audra Miller commits to an agreement to keep within my budget then responds with that excuse. This is not an honest person. | I let Audra Miller know this was unacceptable and that I have lost all trust with her and didn’t feel comfortable with her services anymore. Therefore I’m canceling her services with me and expect my deposits refunded. | I have not received any of my deposits refunded. She later submits the drawings to me via email. I guess she knows that she made a bad jugdement, however the conceptual drawings that she submitted to me are incomplete without details or information regarding the titles, lighting fixtures, shower doors, cabinets, or colors. | She just does not care and believes that submitting the incomplete drawings solves everything. | I would not recommend doing business with her!

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