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He convinced me to that if I introduced him to some of my celeberty friends in the UFC and WWE he would give me a deal for email marketing. I wired him the money and then never heard back. Very strange because he would call and text me all day all night and after I wired the money he disapeared. I tried to call and find out when the email “blast” was starting and he never answered. I then did some research and found out to late he had done this before to others and the story was exactly how he did it to others. This guy needs to go to Jail. | William Waggoner contacted me Linkedin social media. He had discribed himself as the email marketing guru. After several phone calls and conversations both personal and business he had convinced me to do business with him. He was very convincing. We spoke of his religeous values and his adoption in Vegas with his children. He seemed very knolegable in the Sports industry of pro wrestling. He proposed a offer that if I were to introduce him to some of my UFC and Pro wrestling friends he would not charge me very much. After I wired the money he disapeared. When I had had realized I had been taken i did some research, I had seen all the other people who were ripped off from this guy. Very sad that police have not arrested him way before this and it has happened so often to good people. When he does finally go to Jail someone please notify me. I will send mail to every other inmate he is in jail with and offer them money to f**k him in the a*s 10x for every person he ripped off. LOL

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