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I gave Auto Credit, LLC a deposit in good faith for the purchase of a used vehicle for my son, they told me we were approved. We signed and agreed upon terms that were set in a contract with a financial institution, same day I secured mandatory auto insurance on the vehicle and then departed the dealership premises with the vhehicle. Soon after, I then got the vehicle registered and awaited for the financial payment book to arrive in the mail, as we were instructed that it would. Mid way through the first month, the respective salesperson called and said they had to run the application again and that since the first month had nearly expired and no financing secured, that the first installment would not be due until the following month. Weeks passed and the car was still not financed, we addressed the matter to them as to what was going on, they suggested that in the interim that we pay them the expected monthly payment for the time that had passed without financing, expecting that in the upcoming weeks that things would resolve. | When we went there to pay (in the vehicle), they would not allow us to leave with it, they said it was being reposessed. We felt conned, and the following work day, the owner said the only way we could remain in the vehicle is convert the contract to a “buy here” “pay here” installment plan, and the monthly payments would raise some $30. I said this is not what we agreed to and asked for a refund. The manager said the owner would look to keep the equivalent amount of time the vehicle was in my possession without payment made to a fiancing institution, I felt that was a fair exchange. Days later, the owner decided that he would not return any of my money and that I would have to take him to court. I have bought personal vehicles for more than 30 years and have never experienced nothing close to what I have seen at Auto Credit, LLC, Montgomery Alabama. I wish to warn anyone in this area searching for a used car, to stay very far away from Auto Credit, LLC, in Montogomery Alabama.

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