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I bought a car in December from Auto Expo Inc. the salesman very charming and seems to be an honest guy his name was Angelo. We sat down and one of the first thing that i made clear that my credit was not great but i can’t afford to pay no more than 425.00. I was reassured they will work with me into finding a del. We sat down and agree on the payment. He told me to the sugn the contract i then told me that i need a copy of the contract and reassure me that copy of the contract would be mailde to my house. It has been over 3 months never received a copy. I called them and reassured me that would be fixed and they sent me a check of 600. to cover the first 3 months till they fix my payment. I also had issues with the sat the brake wer bad and also the passnger seat heating system were not working. They asked to take to their service department. They only fixed the front brakes knowinlgy that the rear brakes needed to be replace as well. He told me to take the car to BMw because becaus e the car was still under warranty to which i did. Bmw inforemd me that the issu was due to corosions and would not fixed it. I was charges $ 174 to which acopy of the invoice were sent to Eric the sales manager but never attempted to call or email me. I tried to contact on several ocasion but never seems to care or trying to remedy the problem.

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