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Autoland Outlets Inc Review

Report Filed: Autoland Outlets Inc Beware of Dealership Promises!!! Roscoe, Illinois!!

I went to this dealership to inquire about a 04 chevy tahoe z271 they had listed for 12,900. After test driving the truck, I went home, thought about it, called them and made an offer for 10,000. They met me in the middle with 11,699 so I accepted. I went to pick up the vehicle a couple of days later and gave it the once over. I noticed the car stereo was scratched up and did not work. It worked from the steering wheel but not from the dash. I brought it to the attention of the salesperson. He claimed he did not know. So while I sat there with a money order in my hand for the total amount of the car(which was 11,899), the salesperson pulled the truck into their shop to look at the radio. I was afraid something was wrong with the wiring so I told them I did not want the truck. They asked me to “hold on for minute””. After waiting outside of their lot(looking at other cars) for about 15 minutes

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