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I am putting in a report for bennie who owns autoland in Marcy, NY. when John and his wife Cheryl worked there the place was a rip-off. I don’t even know if bennie knew what really went on. I bought 3 cars from bennie. 1 was financed and the other 2 was buy here pay here. | the buy here pay here were bought within 6 months of each other. now, my husband died on January 11, 2016, and I bought the pay here suv’s in 2015. I was having money problems because I had to wait until I turned a certain age to get his social security. plus I had to wait for his pension to be mine. when bennie heard that my husband died he said if there is anything i can do just let me know. | when i didn’t have the money to pay for them on some months he said it was fine to put the payments on the end of the loan. if i needed mechanical work done and didn’t have the money he said get it fixed and i’ll pay for it and i’ll put it on the end of the load. i never delt with john or chery because i knew they were dirt bags, so i delt. with bennie only but bennie has now fired them both after 20 years. | when he told me that i said it was the best thing he could have done and so is a lot of other people. i can see how john would tell the mechanic there to do what ever it takes to doctor up a vehicle just to move it out of there. i never trusted those 2. | i honestly feel it’s not bennie that’s the bad guy it was those 2. bennie has always helped me. he is a very nice guy and you people out there have got the wrong idea about him. ellen demchak. cheryl sold me a suv that the cradle was all rotted

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