AutoNation Toyota Weston

AutoNation Toyota Weston Review

I dealt with one of the representative there at Weston Toyota by the name of Jonathan Vargas. I have told him my recent computer issue with my brand new warranty covered Toyota vehicle, and he said that it was NOT covered under the warranty. He proceeds to charge or advice me that it’ll cost me $109.00 for the part and NOT including the labor. I called Toyota’s customer support direct line and spoke to a rep that won’t even give me his last name. I told him my issue with the dealer, he placed me on hold, he contacts the rep. Mr. Vargas, and Mr. Vargas denies everything. Honestly, he costed me time and money. | Now I have to take another day-off and leave my car in their hands – which I do Not trust at this moment. This is some of the issues I face everyday here in South Florida. I’m sure Mr. Vargas is a nice man and after all he is just an employee there with someone in higher rank than him that is supervising him and or telling him what to do and say. | I don’t know who to believe or who to trust anymore. And I don’t mean to sound racest, I am an American Citizen, my father was a veteran. It’s obvious Mr. Vargas is a foreigner, and if I don’t get my car fixed and if there’s anything else intentionally happens to my vehicle under Toyota’s care or from any of the reps, I will take it higher, and someone may get Deported in the process!

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