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I am just an average consumer and I took my mom’s diamond safier heart pendant and chain to them two days ago and ask them to clean it and change it from yellow gold to white gold, they said that wil be done very quickly, next day the clerk called me and said your jewerly is ready! so I went to pick it up and I kept looking at the chain it was a lot lighter in weight but I didn’t question anything but did notice that both the clerk and the guy who did the work were stairring at me. I came home and gave it to my mom and as soon as she looked at it she said “this is not my chain, my chain was 3 times this chain” call them up right now and see what happened? they must have mistaken or missed placed it? I called them and them drove over to their store in the same day. My mother came along and we asked them nicely that this is not our chain and he insisted that we are wrong and he said he took a picture and showed us a picture of the same chain that he had on the pendant which was not our chain. | I am so disgusted that a jeweler would do such a thing, they are thieves don’t go to AVIANTE JEWELERY unless you don’t care if they change your stone or change your chain for something cheaper. I am shocked for a jeweler in their size would do such a thing shame on them! what is $200 or $300 going to do for them? Now I will make sure eveyone knows their way of doing business and I want to make sure this does NOT happen to anyone else. Also i was told that the owners where out of town and the owner’s brother was in charge! BIG MISTAKE! I will go back at the end of the month to talk to the owner (brother) to make sure he knows what his brother did to his business and his client, since this was not our first visit to their jewelery store.

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