AZ Performance Transmission

AZ Performance Transmission Review

I just paid $600.00 to this shop for replacing a power steering pump on my 67 Camaro,,, !!! I took the power steering pump off myself in my garage in 10 minutes before I drove the car over to the shop located off Thunderbird and “A street” adjacent to grand avenue, i was going to purchase my own chrome power steering pump at SOCAL but they stated they were headed that direction and could get one for the car which is what the shop told me not that they were going to screw me by overcharging me 250+ for the same parts i was going to get myself!!!! , I was way over charged for the pump and line,,,, they “never” told me verbally they would price gouge me, nor did they have receipts for what they claimed to have purchased NOR LEGALLY BY LAW THEY NEVER HAD anything signed by me stating that i would pay 600.00 when THE VERY chrome pump at SOCAL goes for 189.00 they charged me 100 over and didnt even call me nothing to get permission!!! The biggest kicker of all this is the “shops integrity”, as i spoke with kevins brother who told me himself he doesn’t price gouge on parts !!! If this shop would lie to your face over parts what else would they do ? “i just retired from the us. army and don’t need this crap after i served 27+ years honorably” only to be ripped off and lied too by this shop. i’M a 45 year old man and my word is my honor, beware stay away from this shop !!!, 600.00 for a power steering pump change and a line? the labor clearly shows 150.00 which is steep for an hr’s job as sands Chevrolet right down the street off wad dell told me it would be 130.00 labor. SERIOUSLY 600.00 to replace a power steering pump in EL MIRAGE ???? | ***********Really smart business practice too rip off veterans… adjacent to luke afb .. im telling you with my integrity as a formal Marine/Soldier this “business ripped me off” !!!! Please STAY AWAY if its one thing i can tell you all from the bottom, of my heart as we approach the new years “read but also also my tone in this message”, stay away DONT EVEN BOTHER WITH THIS SHOP even if the deal seems genuine trust me they will screw you over at the wrong time in life!!! STAY away from this shop especially if your MILITARY as i never misled my troops in IRAQ and i dont like being lied to its very insulting and i give respect always upfront and try to earn yours but once you lie and rip me off ,,,” thats 1 time too many”!!! So find another business even if you have to pay for a tow or anything this shop is terrible!! Less than ZERO !!!

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