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Hello, I was booked at the Sunset resort/Courtyard Marriott from May 3rd – 6th. On May 1st I received a call around 10:30A.M. Eastern time from Marsha with Bahamas Vacationer stating they were moving me to Paradise Harbour Club and Marina. Then at 3:15P.M. I received an email stating that I needed to contact Quality Marketing Group (QMG) because both my reservation at Sunset and Paradise Harbour were unavailable. They were cancelled 2 days before my trip with no clear explanation as to why. I have a contract in hand and I was never sent a cancellation or notified via QMG that my reservations were cancelled in a timely manner. This resulted in me spending up to 1,500 in last minute travel costs to cover hotel and accommodations during a high travel time in Nassau. This gesture was unacceptable, unprofessional and really had an emotional impact on me due to the high stress of trying to find a place for me and my friends to stay for my 40th birthday celebration. | I have contacted the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce at least to 10 varying email addresses and not one person has responded. Are you sure that travel is your number one industry? | I am writing to express my displeasure in the service I have received. I literally have been calling the Courtyard Marriott Junkanoo Beach since January as I have felt uneasy the entire time about my 40th b-day celebration in the Bahamas. I should not have to worry about a reservation that I have a confirmation document for. I have spoken to countless managers, team leads and such at the reservation office. | The only information I have is Marsha’s phone number and to Bahamas Vacationer which has had very busy phone lines since I begin calling at 5:30P.M. That number end in 6437. While Marsha was awesome in offering me extra perks, she appears to have been between a rock and a hard spot and I don’t like that she first called me but when the reservation fell through she sent me an email that I just happen to check around 5p.m. What type of business do you handle at 5P.M. NONE – The phone lines were full, I called Marriott and spoke to a reservationist as well as customer care to no avail. I was literally caught with boarding a plane at 7A.M. on Wednesday May 3rd and having not a place to rest my head when I come to this island that you so affectionately call Bahamas. Have I cried – YES, Have I screamed YES – Have I asked why me Lord? YES……….I was not provided an explanation outside of call QMG. I want all of my money back and have sent messages to the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and my friend who lives in the Bahamas and is well connected has called and will make this known as well. | In turn me and my friends all had non-refundable flights so we were bound to travel on May 3rd. I am upset that Courtyard Marriott Junkanoo Beach did not honor a contract that had been in place since January 2016. If they pulled out of the timeshare business two weeks prior great customer service is for them to handle all of the contracts they have in place and then cancel from that point forward. | I pray that there is something that could be escalated to ensure I recoup some of my money.

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