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I joined Banc de Binary a year ago. Like others I lost all my money. After reading some newspaper reports I realized that Compliance had not checked me out properly and I should not have been accepted with them. | I stated clearly that I had low income and could not afford to lose anything. They ignored this, both written and spoken to them. | After several months (5) of repeating this I was finally sent a copy of a questionnaire of 24 questions which I had never seen and certainly not filled it. It is total FRAUD. | See below, my replies in red. | In another email I was told that these questions could only be accessed by myself and answered by myself. Not true as I never had accessed the questions and also why was the said person Tracey (now left the company) able to access them and forward them to me. | I have sent report to cysec the ombudsmen in Cyprus. | This company needs reporting to save other pensioners like me losing money. | Hi | You have all the access but here you go as requested | QuestionAnswer (24)Have you invested funds before | Yes NO | Education level | Bachelor Degree /Diploma No exams to my name, I did not even pass one GCE exam on leaving school. | Profession or relevant former profession | Business Administration. I have never been in business administration. | Employment Status | Employed. I am self employed always have been. | Do you have previous work experience or relevant qualifications that helps you understand our products and services as well as the risks involved? | Yes. No have no experience or qualifications. | Did you attend course/seminar about binary options? | No | Do you have any connection or association with the U.S.? | No | Annual Frequency of Transactions | 51 To 100. Frequency of what transactions. | Approximately in the last two years, have you traded any binary options on an execution only basis | Yes. Never traded any binary options in any basis at all. | Source Of Funds | Saving | Estimated Net Worth | 250 To 500 K. no where near. | Estimated Annual Income | 50 To 100 K. 10 – 15 K | Purpose and reason for opening account | Assets Saving. increasing my income. | Anticipated account turnover | 50,001 – 100,000 never said anything about this as have no idea. | Size of Wealth | 101,000 – 250,000. no where near that. | Expected origin of incoming funds | Credit Card | How long have you traded (Experience) – in years | 1-3. never traded before at all. | Frequency of trades in the last 12 months | More than 50. never traded before. | Volume of transactions (within the last 12 months) | Less than 25,000 USD. none | The period over which clients transactions in financial instruments have been carried out | Long term. not true no idea what transactions as none been carried out. | The types of services, transaction and financial instrument with which you are familiar | Currencies. none not traded | I have previous work experience or relevant qualifications that help me to understand your products and services as well as the risks involved | Yes. No experience at all. | Are you familiar with the risks involved in trading Binary Options | Yes NO | Industry of Employment | Accountancy Never been in accountancy at all. I left school, did a secretarial training and a dressmaking course. Then I married. When divorced I cooked and ran singles parties. Self employed. | Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2016 1:51 PM | To: Merelina Ponsonby | Subject: RE: BA20160055. I need full refund of money invested with you. 32225$ | Hi | They are not sent to you as I previously stated you provide the answers when you open the account. | They are done through the account you open online on our website. | I had no idea of the risks and never filled in the questionnaire. | I live in France but below there is no where which says FRANCE only states in the USA or Canada. I used debit card. As my complaint only started 6 months after I joined I can get nothing back via my card.

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