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Barebottom Sphynx Review

I bought a 12 week old Spyhnx kitten from Rita Vidaure of Barebottom Sphynx. The kitten upon pick up had green goop in his eyes. She told me it was nothing and to treat it with eye drops. The next morning his little eyes were filled with goop and could barely open. She said, ” Don’t bring him to the vet it will only stress him out- put contact solution in his eyes”. I took the baby to the vet, his lungs, eyes and nose display the tell tale signs of an Upper Respiatory Infection. I paid $2,800 for this “Show quality kitten” and I’m now faced with a $150 vet bill?!!!??? Upon hearing the news she attacked and blamed me telling me she gave me the kitten in perfect health. I told her my greatest fear was getting a sick kitten, now my healthy 7 month kitty is at risk. I asked her to please come get the cat and return my money. She said I was the craziest person she has dealt with in 5 years, and that I”m a terrible human who does not deserve the air I breath. | She kept saying, ” I know your kind you want something for nothing”. How is paying almost $3,000 for a cat and wanting them to be healthy expecting something for nothing? This woman is mentally unstable, perhaps alcholic (came to this conclusion after receiveing many incoherrent texts) agressive, hostile and should in no way be in the business of raising animals. DO yourself a favor and stay clear of this woman and tell everyone and anyone you know interested in purchasing a Spyhnx that she is manipulative, absuive, lying fraud. Save your wallet and your heart.

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  1. Tinisha Balash
    June 16, 2020

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