Barron Designs, LLC.

Barron Designs, LLC. Review

I hope no one else buys from this vendor. They are selling very cheaply made panels and columns that they claim will look like stacked stone but will save money. The columns do not look like they do in the pics on the web and they shipped in flimsy cardboard boxes so they arrive damaged. I tried twice to get the column panels sent to me and both times they were broken. | The first shipment, I had to hassle with repeated phone calls, pictures and emails to finally get the boxes picked up and returned, I had to pay the freight both ways on part of the order because I changed the color selected since the original one was ugly and did not look anything like the website. But the other two boxes were broken in to multiple pieces and they expected me to take pictures of all of it, pictures of the boxes, pictures of the labels, repack it and wait for UPS to pick up the boxes on three different dates since I couldn’t leave it in the driveway in the weather & in-sight of theives. | It took almost a month to get the company to agree to replace the damaged columns and by then I had given up and told them I wanted my money back. The customer service rep convinced me that it was just a freak thing and said that they would get my replacement order shipped (charging me additional freight and for an upgrade to a better product.) I had to send the caulking back since it didn’t match the re-order costing more freight and they would not throw anything in for all of the trouble. | After another month, I got the 2nd order, two panels were chipped and two of the large columns were snapped in half. Both times the shipment was in unmarked, flimsy boxes with not even a warning that they were fragile (actually there are no markings at all on the boxes or labels to state what it is or where they are from). There was no support in the boxes and even when I asked them to PLEASE send them in secure packaging, they refused and the Customer Rep lied and said that they just don’t have problems like all of these very often. | THEY MUST have problems if they send these flimsy-made panels in thin cardboard boxes to other customers. I am out $1,247 for two 84 inch columns on my porch and that doesn’t even cover the wood materials $75 and a lot of expensive skilled labor to try to glue all the broken pieces and caulk it trying to hide all of the damage. This company is selling very cheaply made products and charging hundreds to ship them knowing that they products cannot possibly arrive in good condition.

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