Barry Perlman

Barry Perlman Review

Report Filed: Barry Perlman I am his ex-sister in law and he’s been ripping people off for years. He’s a con artist. the Frankie story is old already, and he’s been doing it forever, yet continues to get away with it. He’s a good con artist for sure. ripoff Boca Raton Florida!!

I am Barry Perlman’s ex sister in law, and I am familiar with this scenario. I can’t beleive after all these years, he’s still doing this and getting away with it. He’d con your pants off if he could…he’s done the Frankie & Angie story in New York for years, and then moved onto Flordia. God only knows how many other people beside the guy in Bolton’s Landing he’s conned. He is a notorious con man. I know this for fact, because while I was married to his brother, Mike I saw him pull this stunt on many restaurant and bar owners. I bleive he left New York because he pulled this stunt on the wrong person and his life was in jeopardy. He’d call, make himself sound like an old friend. “Yeah

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