Bay Country Financial Services

Bay Country Financial Services Complaint

BORROWER BEWARE! I was in a situation and had to come up with $1, 000.00 immediately. My friend told me about this company that did title loans. This company gives title loans with the intention of repossessing your car! They are quick to give title loans which supposingly are at 24%…then they sneak all this insurance (Personal property on the contents of your home, and accidental death insurance in on the loan) which you don”t need … and the interest rate jumps to 31.5%. The only thing I can tell you is, read all the paperwork…they give you maybe 5 days to cancel the insurance policies. The original loan started at $1, 000.00 (with the insurance, principal and interest) over a 12 month period, monthly payments are $144.97 …the repayment amount would be $1, 750.00! My friend was late twice…not only did they repo her car…but they charged her 800.00 + 100.00 in late fees to get her car back…mind you the principal on the loan was $1, 000.00. I am sure several people have had their cars snatched by this company because they have an auto auction monthly. If I were you and you were considering a title loan with this company…I would only use it as a last option and…I would read and question every piece of paper they gave you to sign! Just be aware of what you are agreeing to and signing. Always…always question everything…like I did. I took the loan with the intention of paying it off in a couple of months…my repayment will be $1072.20 for 2 months…however my friend when she is done with this would have paid these people…$ 2, 650.00 on a $1, 000.00 loan!

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