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I had met my deductable and out of pocket expences for my Medical Insureance company. I keep recieving invoices for emergency room and hospital stay that have already been paid by the Insureance. Two months ago. These letters demand immediate payment when my insurance is covered at 100% | Then there are a whole list of medical bills for people I never saw. I have no idea who these people are and they were already paid under the Hospital Facilities claim. Who has 4 differant anesthesiologists for one suregery?? I get invoices with no date of service, no descrition of services, nothing to referance the invoice to. Just a bill that says Pay Now. | Their excuse accordning to the Patient advocate manager at my Insureance company says they are really far behind in posting payments to patients accounts due to the holiday vacation days. So I will continue to be billed for these medical services until they get caught up. I am also recieving numerous phone calls everyday asking about payment. | To add to the disfunctional sytem, I gave the hospital, Surgeon, assitant surgeon, nursing staff and pharmacy an excel spreadsheet of my current medications and drug allergies prior to the surgery. | I was sent home with 2 prescriptions that I am allergic to. I called the hospital and they called in 2 differant prescriptions that caused a major drug interaction with medication I was already on and I developed seizures and had to go back into the hospital thru emergency and was admitted for 3-4 days. I cant remember. I am still getting invoiuces for these people that have already been paid in full by my Insurance. The FDA listes all over theinternet that you cannot combine these medications together or you will have seizures. They knew before they gave them to me that it was a Extremely high risk to combine these medications and they did it anyway.

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