Bear Consulo

Bear Consulo Review

Hired Jeremy (Bear) Consulo to create a website for me. The guy was found on UpWork, had a website, scheduled a call with me — everything seemed legit. We then gave him a deposit and then he disspaeared. Tried to get ahold of him via phone, no response. Sent him numerous emails, no reply. If you check out his Yelp page you’ll see there’s a number of people who have had the same situation with him. Therefore, I’m apt to say the guys a con artist. | I definitely want to make sure that nobody loses their hard earned money to this guy like I did. Although we paid via UpWork, the only money they were able to get back was what we had already placed in escrow. Money that was already released to Jeremy was not recoverable. | His website is down now so I’m assuming he’s moved on to other victims or figured out a new scam. Avoid at all costs!

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