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I also took a survey online – I thought it was through Time Warner Cable. For taking the TWC survey, I could choose a ‘prize’ for the & 036;5.99 P&H. Because I thought it was through a reputable company – I chose a watch. I received the watch and it was a very standard but nice watch (& 036;12.99 on eBay). I really thought that Time Warner was the greatest company on earth to have rewarded this for the time spent answering their questions. I then had a check returned and looked at my bank history to see that I had 3 withdrawals, all for & 036;98.00 taken from my account from a company named Beautyluxe. The first was a week after my & 036;5.99 was processed. Then 2 withdrawals, each for & 036;98.00, were made on the same day only 3 weeks later. After numerous attempts to reach someone by phone, I spoke with a "Wendy" who said that I had signed up for a watch "subscription"! She told me that they would refund 2 of the & 036;98.00 withdrawals and that she would send directions as to how I could send the watch back for a refund. I received only an email confirmation of my subscription cancellation. I have not received any refunds. My bank will not pay the ‘dispute’ but I will pursue this so that others don’t get hurt like this. People work hard for their money – I don’t know how these ’employees’ sleep at night knowing how many people they have cheated out of their rent money, car payment, etc. That’s ok, life is a boomerang…..

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