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Eordered windows mar 15 of 1998 they were installed a couple of weeks later 2 yrs ago large windows on patio beside the patio doors begain to fog up I called them it was gonna be over $600 to replace them even tho there policy says life time qurantee so i let it go did not have that kind of money again i contacted them in sept of 2015 talked to a lady by the name of annette discussed the fact that the windows were free it was service charge and having to come measure window and labor they were charging for so i ask what if my son put them in since he is a licenced contractor she stayed that if the measure ments were wrong it would be our responsiblity told her we would bring the window down and they coud measure it if that was what needed to be told so I was set up the charge was $50 for them just to mesure them but i wanted my windows done i ask her why they didnt alreadyu have the measurements she said they did not have copies of that stuff that they used many different contractors and did not keep all the copies told her it would be about 3 weeks as my son was on another job and could not come right now she talked to her supervisor and said it was okay about 3 weeks laterI was told this was no longer a option that their guy would have to come upand measure the windows and that it was $120 for him to come measure them i again inquired about them having a file with measurements and was told they did not have a file on this i finaly agreed to pay the $120 and i would have to go to Fisher in. to pick them up when they came in when the man came to measure the windows he had a large brown envelope with all my info in it including the window measurements he stated that the glass in the windows was not the right glass since it was on a patio it should have been tempered glass and it was not even tho the order form showed thet was what had been ordered that is not what was put in I paid the$120 for the measurements and was told it would be in about 2 to 3 weeks after thinking aboutr it i call Bee Windows told her what the man had said about the glass not being the right glass she said she would check with the opwner i told her that since the right glass had never been put in in the first place that i felt they needed to replace it at no cost to me she said she would talk to owner called back a couple of days later said the owner had gone over my entire file and that it had been tempered glass put in that that was what was on the order for i told her it was not tempered glass because it was not stamped as all tempered glas are she said thet was because when they put it in in mar of 1998 they werent stamping them yet that is not true even the doors that go between the windows that was put in at the same time is marked tempered filed with BBB they contacted them we talked i told them at Bee windows all i want is my windows installed the right one and my $120 refunded she said the windows would be in by the middle of Oct and i would have to pick them up and they would not change any thing told her i was going to dispute the claim filed with BBB so now it is jan 2016 they have cashed my check for $120 i still have no window and cant seem to get this resolved i feel since they did not put the right windows in in the first place they sould have to replace the at no cost to me and i would like my $120 back since they charged me for to measure them when the already knew the measurements these windows are on apatio that my daycare go by all summer long if the were to fall into them they could get hurt very babdly can you plaese help me i am not trying to be unfair just want what i have paid for and did not get

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