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Best Car Buys Ltd. Review

I ended up paying almost $14,000 for 04 that had been in three accidents with three previous owners. Every time I reached out to them to have the car serviced I was lied to about the amount of repairs thats needed to be done. Within the first year I told I needed a new fuel pump, front and back bareings, an a few other things that I have yet to have issues with. The total of these repairs came to about $1200. The next time I was told I needed a new transmission mind you none of the issues the reported previously were brought up but once again I was looking at at least $1200 for repairs. The finance department is rude and disrespectful I was harassed by my account specialist the last 3m months of my payments. She made it personal an begain calling me from her personal phone making threats to have my car reposesed even prior to a payment being late. I reported this to the company for weeks before the calls stopped. The car is now paid off and is reflecting negatively on my credit report. I don’t understand how or why thats even possible. They claim to help people with poor or no credit when in reality they prey on those who are less fortunate wheather it be do to a lack of financial education or minimal income.

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