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Firstly I have no clue how this business is getting high ranking stars in BBB and Google when in Yelp their ratings are awful. First this crowd were brought into the house we purchased in October and we have all receipts from the previous owner now in Germany to bring the house up to code to sell at a cost of electrical work carried out $5,646 which was advertised as a selling point. I have reported BHS to the national electrical safety board , Florida business and licensing and the local Port Charlotte electrical inspector all to date have done nothing apart from the local inspector who visited the property and stated “they put in the service panel correctly but I notice many non code compliant electrical issues and walked away. | In addition to the sum that was paid to them there was a home maintenance plan which supposedly covers a multitude of electrical and plumbing checks. | Smoke detectors, GFCI outlets surge protection (which they did not supply with the service panel which cost $2,495) Nor did they check the non working smoke detector or even the missing GFCI outlets or the reversed polarity outlets (6). Now even after sending a certified letter asking for a detailed list of the breakdown of the work carried out to bring the home up to code they did not reply. Nor did any entity reply when a seven year old child is in the house and the outlets are dangerous as I got electrocuted from one of the outlets I have warned my son never to plug in his devices as there are many still inoperable. | I had to switch off the entire house due to the fact that outlet is not on the correct service panel trip and the one that shocked me had a broken hot wire resting against one of the outlet cover screws. I have all the photos to prove anything that I have stated I have also all the correspondence , from the battery removed from the smoke detector which the positive terminal had rusted completely off to the broken hot wire. In the kitchen there is a 240 V outlet for something , have no clue. There is a extension cord that the local Port Charlotte inspector saw but did nothing about , he only wondered why they did not hard wire the water heater being it was very close to the service panel and was not in code due to being plugged into outlet then he left the house. | Well who cares,? well none of these people care ! the house was sold as electrical up to code and the house inspector that we had at the time stated “no safety issues” everything was pretty basic. Who care about a kid wandering about his house unable to use electrical outlets until we get this mess figured out, I cannot afford a electrician presently as I just retired on a minimal pension and my wife works minimum wage, we put all our savings into this property and trust in relaters, inspections and of course Best Home Services will not reply even although they were supposed to bring house up to electrical code. The entire purchase based on electrical upgrades was a complete and utter rip off ! Does not matter who paid Best Home Services it was Best Services that did not bring this HOME up to code !

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