Best USA Home Inspectors

Best USA Home Inspectors Review

I had first time home buyers who selected this company off the internet. They are based out of Miami but service the Central Florida area as well. The home inspector met us at the subject property and told the clients to take a wind mitagation report as well to save them hundreds of dollars on their insurance premium. | After closing, the homeowners discovered several issues that should have been listed and noted on the home inspection report had they done their job correctly. Minor fixes such as a toilet not being set to more intense issues of vermin in the attic due to an opening at the roofline. This is what they paid the inspector to discover. | The wind mitigation report was a complete waste of money in that the home inspector listed only one nail at the roof instead of the three that are required. He could have seen this without charging them even more funds for the report.. which did not save them any money. | There were other issues that were undetected at the time of the inspection such as peeling latex paint that sould not have been used without a primer. | I called the inspector at the request of my client only to be hung up on. I then researched public records to find another number. I called and was given the number to the owner, or so the man said. Instead, the voice mail has not been set up and the person calls you back from a missed call log. When I asked if he was the owner, he said No. Then before I could explain the situation at hand, he tells me that my clients are liars. | I have been in the Real Estate industry for more then 20 years and have never dealt with a more unprofessional company as this. | This company is newly formed and when I asked for their liability insurance information I was hung up on. I will now post this to warn others NOT TO USE this COMPANY as they are shady, unprfessional and do not stand behind their work at all. | I am forced to make a report or claim with the Department of Business Regulation and seek legal help when all it would have taken was someone from the company to listen and offer the clients their money back for a bad inspection. Now, it will go forward and be reported to the State. They should have taken the easy way out!

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