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I am shocked and appalled to know that psychic love specialist angela has been doing this for the past 2 years. She has been literally robbing people of their own money. She has manipulated people into thinking that she can help them when the truth is she can’t. | She even gamed the system to cause google to remove my reviews of her on google’s page for her business. I really am appalled and i am committed to letting the world know. | Psychic love specialist angela is a fraud and scammer who has robbed many vulnerable people out of thousands of dollars. I am talking about the personal letter she sends out to potential clients, claiming that she has a connection with them. She asks for their location and names to avoid sending it to people in the same location. I have concrete evidence to prove that all those emails are similarly identical word for word and copied and pasted into these different emails. The free evaluation form is a clever trick to con people into believing that she can help them. The personal letter she sends out is generic and applies to the majority of people going through relationship problems. Ever heard of the barnum effect? | Also, her websites do expire, i am not talking about her main website but multiple websites which he has created for false advertising. For example, | How can a psychic really be a psychic if she sends the same personal evaluation email to a majority of her clients, word for word. A true psychic would know exact details, something which only the person involved would know about, not generic assumptions. | So why does psychic love specialist angela send the same email as part of the free evaluation form, which she supposedly states is personal and only applies to the individual involved?). | Below is an extract of what psychic love specialist angela sent me, and i also have evidence that she has sent the same message to multiple people around the world. | Hi jesicca – | Thank you for your patience as i have looked into the circumstances surrounding your situation. I’ve meditated on this and connected with your spirit guides. And i do believe i can help. | What has been revealed is that there is mutual love in your life. It’s mutual. You need to tune out anyone who tells you otherwise, including and especially) your own self-doubt. The feeling is real and, in spite of him being hot and cold and confused, the feeling is in fact mutual. | You are not obsessed and this is not all in your head. The feeling between you is uncommon and it’s real and i feel it’s worth fighting for. Trust that feeling or you will not forgive yourself. | Where i see a real problem is that you are being true to your feelings while vincent is not being true to his feelings. You can’t have a relationship with someone who can’t keep their heart open and won’t listen to their heart. It’s like hitting your head up against a wall. However, it does not have to be like that. I will do my best to explain why… | So bear with me as what i’m typing right now is just a flow of consciousness, based on the psychic hits i’m getting… | You are, without a doubt, in his heart. You’re in his thoughts. But he’s not letting you in. He is putting distance between you. And the reason why he’s creating this distance is not because of a lack of love. | Fear is what he’s listening to instead of his heart. He’s in his head and he’s stuck. | There is nothing you can say to break this pattern. Words are not enough to fix this. There are plenty of things you could say to make things worse, of course. I strongly advise that, for now, you do not try to reach out to him and discuss feelings, relationship stuff, etc. That will make him close up even more. He is closed and he needs to open. And there are ways to open him. | Let me try to be a little more specific… | What i see is that you appear to him in his sleep. This happens often. There are days where the dream is real enough that he is thinking about you strongly when he wakes up. I pick up that he’s woken up in the middle of the night, thinking about you. This is good. However, in his waking hours, he is holding back how he feels about you. | Trust your heart. You are meant to be together, but not like this. The tragedy here is that you have the right ingredients for a fulfilling relationship together, but there are some serious obstacles that must be removed in order for that to manifest. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to let go – and you’re not going to be able to move forward either. What i feel is that you’re between a rock and a hard place. | When i see what’s stopping him from opening his heart i actually feel badly for him because i see the past trauma that has made him get stuck like this. I also feel badly for you because your heart is wide open and you’re not getting back what you are willing to give. | You pierced his heart in a way that no one else has. Trust that – even when he tries to hide it or deny it. You understand him in a way that no one else does, which i feel you know intuitively. And the potential for this bond to be a lot more is huge. | Mistakes were made, but ultimately, big picture, the real obstacle here is that conflict between his fear-based mind and his suppressed heart. His history has a lot to do with why his heart won’t stay open and why he won’t listen to it and be true to what his heart is telling him. There’s been too much pain and disappointment and betrayal in his past. He needs to heal from that, so that he won’t betray his own feelings. | This can blossom into a relationship which evolves and where both of you are getting what you need. Or this whole situation can implode. I feel i can help you. | I’m feeling a strong connection to you, so this is kind of turning into a long letter – i’m going to wrap this up. I see where other approaches have failed and why they have failed. Again, i really want to caution you about doing anything to try and fix by talking to him about it. I know that it’s hard to do nothing, but for now, that is my advice. Do nothing until i have initiated some psychic healing. The situation is delicate and requires a precise approach, in order to bring resolution and to bring about a strong commitment that lasts. | I feel you really have a good nature, a sweet nature and you give a lot – but you don’t always get back what you give. In fact too often that is what happens. I’m sorry for the pain you’ve had to go through and i want to help you get out of that pattern. This whole thing is weighing you down when it should be filling you up with positive energy. That’s what love should bring. And frankly he’s cheating himself by not fully acknowledging what you can have together. | To recognize something is to see what was always already there. This recognition can happen for him with the right shift in his consciousness. I feel i can bring about that shift in consciousness, if you and i work together on this. Specifically, psychic healing is the answer. | Another thing, i feel a sadness as i tune in because you’re not yourself, you’ve sort of lost some of your spark – drained. This has been going on for too long. It’s time to come back to your center now. I want to bring you back to your center and i want to heal this relationship so that a stronger bond is established, one that will survive and grow. | This is not to say that there are no other problems of course, but i’m focusing what i feel strongly is the deal breaker here. So long as you love someone who continues to bury the love he has for you, to suppress, to hold down feelings for you, there can be no long term, happy and fulfilling relationship. It’s that simple. It takes two – and one of you is in denial about their feelings. Fortunately that person is not you. That means you are going through a lot of hurt however. But until he opens his heart to the love, this relationship stagnant at best. That’s probably an understatement. | What absolutely must happen is that psychic healing be done to open up his heart chakra. Opening his heart chakra is what is required before you can have a stable, happy, positive, long term relationship. And he has no idea how to do this on his own. | In conclusion… | Know that another person is not the real obstacle. | Bad advice influences from others is not the obstacle. | The fact that he is in something of a crisis state, where the mind and the heart are at odds – this is the obstacle – the main obstacle anyway. | Psychic healing to open the heart chakra can turn this all around. This is what i do best and i know a solvable situation when i see one. This is a situation that i feel strongly i can resolve for you, if that is what you wish. | Here is why opening up his heart chakra will work… | The feelings of love for you although largely suppressed) will eventually come the surface, as i open his heart. | Once those feelings hover near the surface for a while, they become undeniable to him. | When the feelings are undeniable then the mind will not be able to hold the feelings down. At that point we are halfway out of the woods. | Once his mind and heart are on the same page, so to speak, my role will be mostly advisory, as i walk you through the final stages of reconciliation. | So, assuming you want my help, you and i will keep in contact mostly by email) as you start to notice a change in this love dynamic. I will advise you on what to say and what not to say, just yet. It will be critical that you follow my guidance at this fragile stage in the process. | When you are at last being pursued and that is exactly what will happen) and speaking candidly about feelings – we are not done. Please remember that and keep in touch with me. | I estimate it will take 2-3 weeks to see results. He will not know this is happening – although i feel so strongly that his soul longs to be healed. I can feel it. It is a deep longing. Your connection can really grow and blossom. | No one has the ability to inspire love in his heart the way that you do. Don’t’ let appearances fool you. Trust what you know in your heart as the heart never lies. | In the meantime, be careful not to confuse impulse with intuition. What you have tried in the past has worked against you, even though you meant well. This needs to be handled properly or you will not have another chance to get it right. | One last thing. You have qualities and quirks that he has been looking for almost all his life. A shift in consciousness will allow him to see that more clearly. His present state of consciousness is too foggy. He actually felt the same way as you, and it terrified him. That’s actually a good sign. | I’m sorry this has turned into such a long letter. If what i have said resonates for you, then the next step is for me to begin a process of psychic healing. Specifically, i want to open his heart chakra up to you. This requires time and energy on my part, but you should see results in about 2 to 3 weeks. | I have taken the liberty of preparing an invoice for what this will cost. Just click on the link below: | Redacted) | Once you cover the invoice for my time and energy to commit to this) i will email you some instructions and get started on this right away. Then let’s follow up by email in 2-3 days. Click and follow the prompts. You do not need a paypal account to complete this. | I look forward to solving your relationship problem once and for all and having a follow up session with you once we are done. I feel so strongly that this relationship is worth fighting for and that this approach is what it takes to make it happen. I hope you love him enough to be willing to take a bold leap of faith. | As i have often said, if your love is not worth everything, it is worth nothing at all. I really feel like you’ve got something here with vincent. We just need to make it right. | All the best, | Psychic love specialist angela | Http:// | I would suggest anyone who seek her services to try and run a test if you don’t believe me. Try sending more than 20 free evaluation forms, with different information and different email addresses then we will see whether she can actually come up with a different message each time because after thorough investigation, it has become apparent that she has send the same email word for word to numerous people. | I am presently in contact with several people she has conned out of thousands of dollars. We have solid evidence and she is going down. We will work within the law to recover what has been lost. Count on it. | This should not be allowed and people need to know. If you cannot sit across the table from a psychic and look her in the eye, maybe it’s not such a good idea. These online psychics such as angela are running a scam and i have made a personal commitment to shed light on them all. | May the light of truth remove the darkness of scammers such as psychic love specialist angela.

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