Big Apple Bagels

Big Apple Bagels Review

I came into the store today. Quite literally the worst bagels I’ve ever had. I ordered a “grilled chicken” sandwich on a whole wheat bagel. 1. It’s not grilled chicken! It’s compressed chicken like you find at McDonald’s and it’s microwaved. Absolutely disgusting. Also, the bagel was bland and tasteless. I’m from NY. I know bagels. After only eating half of my meal, there was still half a bagel and half the chicken left, I started to feel sick in my stomach. I brought the food up to the counter to let someone know. This was around 1:30 pm on 4/30/2018. | The woman at the counter, who claimed to be the owner, said she didn’t care because I ate “all of the food.” Well, no I didn’t it. I ate half of it and then started to feel sick. That’s when I brought the food back. Regardless, I was treated poorly, and wasn’t offered anything in the way of an apology or refund. It’s one thing to serve poor quality food, which, in my opinion, is likely to have articulated preservatives in it, like the chicken; it’s anither thing to list something on your menu as grilled, when in fact it’s processed and microwaved. That’s a flat out lie. It’s also horrible customer service when someone tells you that they are feeling sick from your food, and you do nothing about it! Poor quality food. Poor service. Avoid this place if you like good food. Trust me!

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