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I am from India and I am unable to contact the India customer service number. When I was placing the order on their website, the price mentioned there as 1459 INR for one month consignment, however, after placing the order, I have been charged 10005 INR for 6 month consignment with VIP membership through my Central bank of India debit card online payment on 28th August 2018. | Immediately, I had sent my mail to take the order for one or 2 month consignment order and return the money to my Cental bank account through which I had made the payment earlier. But, I have got the reply from them (email ID.. [email& 160;protected]) that they have already processed the shipping and hence they can’t change the order and give me a shipment no ASL20180828IN2108311) . | This is totally not acceptable. If I would have known that it is like this, I would have never ordered. Please address my concern immediately. Can you help me to cancel and refund my money immediately beause i have some money problem with my famliy.

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