Bishop Hendricken High School

Bishop Hendricken High School Review

Earl “Buddy” Croft, Earl “Grandpa Buddy” Croft or Earl “Whatever Nickname He Can Use To Try To Keep Himself Out Of Prison And Surround Himself Behind A Bunch Of Little Kids” Croft, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Turnpike And Bridge Authority, Board Member And Strategic Planning Chair At Bishop Hendricken High School And Former Chief Of Staff For The Rhode Island Family Court Based At The 6th District Court In Providence Is A Conspirator In The Rigging Of The Cranston Mayoral Election In 2002 For Steve Laffey. Croft Utilized His Own Son, Now Head Bishop Hendricken Football Coach, Keith Croft, Family Friend, David Exter, And Contacts At The Cranston Police Department including Chief Walter Craddock, Captain Carnivale, Officer Matthew Davis, Officer Erik Baccari, Amongst Others, To Falsify Charges Against An Innocent Individual Using Not Only Those Contacts, But Also Contacts At 6th District Court In Providence, Where He Was Employed, And Had Contact With Other Corrupt Individuals Such As Judge Robert “Bobby Pirragz” Pirraglia And Local Attorney Robert Murray, Who Were Also In On The Scheme. | Earl J. Croft Used This To His Advantage In Then Allocating Job Opportunitites For Himself, And The Rest Of His Family And Friends, As He Also Was Able To Procure A Head Coaching Position For His Son At Bishop Hendricken High School. Croft, A Bishop Hendricken Hang Around, Had For Years Lobbied For The Position Himself, And Was Eventually Able To Procure It For His Son, Who Is Too Stupid To Coach The Team Anyways, Thus Earl Croft Is The Actual Coach Of The Team. Attorney Robert Murray, Who Is Involved In This Conspiracy, Was Able To Use It To His Advantage By Assisting The Crofts To Procure Better Opportunities For His Football Playing Sons. | Earl Croft Has Used His Influence At Bishop Hendricken For Years To Manipulate Peoples Lives Before Arriving At The School, During His Time At The School, And Even After Individuals Have Left The School. He Is A Political Operator And Utilizes Every Oppotunity To Politic His Way Into Better Postions For Himself And His Family At The Expense Of Others. He Uses His Position To Manipulate Kids (Students At The School) To Do What He Wants (Along With Other Clowns At Bishop Hendricken, Like Mike Quigley), And If That Influence Includes Falsifying Police Reports Because It Is Good For Earl “Buddy” Croft Or His Family, The Kids Do It Or Face Not Playing, Or Not Being At Bishop Hendricken, Or Having It Affect The College They Attend Or Life After. This Also Extends To Providence College In Providence Rhode Island, Where Earl Croft, Robert Murray, Robert Pirraglia, Keith Croft, David Exter, And Others Involved All Attended. | Croft Has Always Had Political Aspirations And As He Himself Would Never Be Electable, He Now Realizes His Kids Would Never Be Either, So He Sees Fit To Attempt To Ruin Others Who Would Make Him Look Bad, This Extends To Politically, Educationally, Athletically, Financially, Publicly Or Any Other Walk Of Life That Someone Elses Success Would Reflect Badly On The Negative Things He Had Said About That Person For Years. Among Other Things, He Is A Narcissist In The Truest Sense. | For Years, Croft Had Issues With The Cranston Police Department Himself, That Is Until His Daughters Hit Puberty, Then The Problems Stopped. Draw Your Own Conclusions.

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