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I had my mechanic look into the engine with a camera, and did a comression check to find out what was wrong, and discussed this with Mike prior to shipping back to him. They had it for 20 days, and I contacted him to find out what was the problem, and he informed me they wouldn’t cover it on warranty. | In December 2015 I sent a 1996 Johnson 90 hp 2 stroke power head to Blackbird Industries for a rebuild. Was informed that the crank was bad, and the block needed welding, which I agreed to at the time, and the price was $3440. I paid and received the engine back, my mechanic informed me that there were no serial numbers on the engine, which I didn’t understand at the time. | When I sent the engine back, as the top righthand side cylinder had lost compression, they had for twenty days, before Mike finally explained to me that they had all four pistons out, and that they failed, and they would not honor their warranty. | I had my mechanic use a camera and he looked into all four cylinders, and anly saw scoring in one. He had done a compression check and only one cylinder had bac compression. | This rebuild had 30 hours on it at time of failure, and I had 25/1 oil ratio, as I was breaking in at the time, and Mike said that it was dry, and had no oil, which is a blatant fabrication. | I am in the process of having the engine sent back to me.

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  1. Shalonda Berkovitz
    June 16, 2020

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