Blowsion Kolors

Blowsion Kolors Review

For approximately 10 years I produced composite products for them. If they rejected a part they were to return to me or destroy. There were instances they neither returned the parts or destroyed them, but used the parts without paying for them. Particularly carbon fiber parts. All parts they rejected were replaced with a new part yet they used the rejected parts so ended up profiting off Parts they didn’t pay for. The number of parts not paid for were more than 75 but I notified them I wanted paid for 70. The parts were priced at $52.70 each for a total of $3689.00 This information was supplied to me by their composite development technician. Who was my liaison/contact with their company. All I want is paid for the parts I made that they used without paying for. I did owe a balance to them that would off-set a bit less than one third of the balance owed to me. I will be happy to update this with a thank you and case settled as soon as the ssue is resolved and the funds deposited to my PayPal account.

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