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Have owned many vehicles in my life, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota and BMW. All of them had regular maintenence issues, tires, oil, spark plugs. For the most part I was able to get my moneys worth out of them before sending them to trade in heaven, except for my BMW. I was fortunate enough to reach a point in my life that I could afford a luxury vvehicle. I was told to look at BMW’s. I did as suggested and researched BMW’s and saw their ads and slogans “Engineered To Be Driven” , the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. I thought they must be well built, hell, smart people that make good money buy them, right. Well, they’re idiots as far as I’m concerned if they are dealing with the issues I have experienced. These cars are pieces of crap, always in the shop, run flat tires that have to be replaced at twelve thousand miles ($1600.00) and electronic parts that are constinly going bad not to mention battery’s that cost $480.00 and most be programmed. | I have owned five Beemer’s, a A series, 535, two 325’s and the last, a 135I convertible I had bought for my wife. This car is garage kept, not a scratch on it inisde or out and just turned 30k mi. Did the maintence plan, never needed a thing. Plan expired, I paid the car off and it has been living hell since. The car is averaging $2500.00 in repairs a year and it’s trade value is pathetic. I tried to trade it in recently but the dealer said they did not want it because of an air bag recall. They said they could not resell the car because of recall and would have to auction it off. Of course they offered a ridiculess amount to take it off my hands and sell me their car. I didn’t do the deal and now the car is back in the shop again. The Cas Control Module needs to be replaced, cost $1130.39 out the door, inculding the diagnostic fee. The service advisor suggested I consider trading or leasing a new BMW since it can be expected I will have more problems. I told him I didn’t want a car payemnt and thought the whole idea was to buy a car, pay it off and get a couple of hundred thousand miles out of it with out going bankrupt. I don’t think I will be keeping this piece of crap and will never buy another BMW. “Caveat Emptor”. I suggest a earch the internet before buying a BMW. Look up most expensive cars to maintain, BMW is number Uno. I think these vehicles are built with a program to they tell themselves when to break down.

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