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BMW of Roseville Review

Have taken my brothers car in now for seventh time for same problem. Now over 7 weeks abd have been told "the technician can’t find problem an guesses that it is negative battery cable, I said No guessing and we will not pay a cent since this is 7th tome in an have already replaced neg battery cable and paid & 036;6 thousand + for sunroof replacement and module when obviously that was a guess an not the problem. Then told it is a circuit with 6 modules an narrowed to 2 now. A week later told not the problem now it is the head. An they where doing all work and parts for free since excess amount of services for same problem, yet now they want & 036;2200.00 for head and labor. (THE G.M. TOM KLIEN HAS NOT RETURNED MY CALLS). I’m reporting to bmw corporate, BBB, BUREAU OF AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR, CALL 3 FOR ACTION AND WHOM EVER ELSE IT TAKES TO GET THESE SERVICE ADVISORS TO NOT TRY TO PULL WOOL OVER MY EYES SINCE I AM A WOMAN AND JUST HELPING MY BROTHER OUT WHOM IS OVER SEAS SERVING OUR COUNTRY) P.S. IM NOT A DUMB WOMAN I HAVE BUILT A ENGINE FROM GROUND UP AND MY DAD WAS A MECHANIC!! | Original service advisor was ERIC and now dealing with PATRICK.

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  1. Lavette Leadford
    June 16, 2020

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