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He hired my company to build 4 walls and a roof on Fay tirw building rt 28 salem nh i gave him a labor price of 4900 he was paid 17000 for the job. The work was completed he made me one payment of 2000 before .the jon past inspection. Building inspector told him it was a good job.he had us repair the rubber roof as well 800 for 2 men 2 days. Sent him a bill .asked him for the balance said he cant. had to hire a lawyer to collect .he made every excuse to get out off paying for the work i cluding saying i was spose to install 5 window and not six and he had to pay for another window .the contract said 6 bull**** artist.stay away. Then he had the balls to call me a year later and build his house in exeter. Lol ya right.

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