Boerne Doge Chrysler Jeep

Boerne Doge Chrysler Jeep Review

Report Filed: Boerne Doge Chrysler Jeep Unethical Business Practices Boerne, Texas!!

Stay away from this Dealership they use classic old school car salesman techniques that gave the industry a bad name years ago. I spoke with the Sales manager Brandon and we negotiated a fair price on a end of the ear model truck over the phone. The next day I spent 6 hours in negotiation with the sales guy Jeremy who was nice but low-balled my trade in by 7 thousand dollars from NADA Clean Trade in Value. I was told they were using auction prices to calculate the value of my truck not the industry standard such as NADA, KBB, Edmonds and Black Book. The funny thing is the guys in the back were looking in the NADA book all day when pricing other vehicles out. We were unable to reach a deal by thousand dollars and were forced to walk away from the dealer about 5 min later by phone blew up with sales guy telling me the come back that the manager would meet me half way. When I arrived I asked to speak to the sales manager (Brandon) and he kept up waiting 20 min and apparently wasnt serious about closing the deal, then he said had another buyer coming to buy the vehicle and since I left the dealer ship he was going to sell the car to the other guy. Funny the 2011 truck was sitting on the lot 9 months and unable to sell the car but today has a buyer coming in to sweep the deal from out under me. Even better he was firm with the same numbers and refused to meet me half way by 500$. Run, Run, Run, and Stay away from this dealership and their backwoods unethical business practices.

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