Bonham Chrysler Dodge Ram

Bonham Chrysler Dodge Ram Review

I have heard so many horror stories about Bonham Chrysler, Bonham Chrysler Service, Four Wheel Auto Group, but I did not listen. Please save yourself the misery. Their service center just got me. Drove my truck into their service center for a rough idle, getting my truck back in a box if I dont pay them near 1000.00 dollars. They are manipulative. Went in for a diagnostic. Their diagnosis was a “we think”. No definitive answer as to problem. Told them I dont want any surprises after quote of repair. Their repair came back with near 5000.00 . A replacement motor is 2900.00 . Now their diagnosis fee of 130.00 has turned into near 1000.00 to get it back as I brought it in, or 450.00 to get my truck back in a box. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CONMEN. THEY SHOULDN’T BE IN BUSINESS, BUT EVERYONE SEEMS A SUCKER FOR THEIR GIMMICKS. JUST STAY AWAY AND LET THEM CLOSE THEIR DOORS. SAVE THE NEXT PERSON FROM THIS CON BUSINESS, PLEASE. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was blocked by John the service writer saying the manager was on vacation.

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