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I joined BMM back in March. I was told they had an entire data base filled with men who have houses, cars, jobs etc, and that they pay upwards of 10,000 dollars for this service. I was getting the bargain price of 3000 dollars for 5 referrals. Never discuss what I paid because they paid so much more. I got home from signing up with Brenan and read the complaints on Yelp and on BBB. I immediately contacted her and told her that I though I made a mistake and want my money back. this was less than 24 hours from when I signed up. She told me that yelp is just customers that didn’t follow the rules, were complainers, etc. That I had to be flexible and cooperate. AND I can’t have my money back. OMG what a scam. So, the first man, very nice on the phone, never married…no drivers license! (DUI?) and no car. | Lives in Boston, doesn’t want to meet me because I will have to do all the driving. Hmmmm every man has a car huh? Next guy, Brenan told me very sexy Latino guy. NOW, I specifically put down white male ages 50 to 60….He barely spoke English and sexy…..NOT….pretty nasty looking actually. He said they begged him to join because they have no men in the data base…..He didn’t pay much. he was on a TRIAL… He didn’t have a JOB…. or a house… and just left a 15 year relationship and wasn’t over it! Next… 62 years old….. Now Brenan told me 60 was too old for me unless it was a young 60 year old….So this gentleman, very nice but NOTHING in common…. I mean nothing…. I am active, he is not, he is very old looking, giant belly, HUGE gap between his front teeth, and one side of his face droops. | Does not like to walk, bike, etc, I am a very active person, biking, hiking, skiing, skating, anything active at all… He could barely walk. BMM if you are reading this, especially you, Brenan, DONT do me anymore favors. I want my money back. This is a total waste of money. has better pickings than you and most men on that are scum and scammers. BUYER BEWARE!! STAY FAR AWAY, DONT GET YOURSELF INTO A PREDICAMENT LIKE I AM AND MANY OTHER WOMEN I HAVE SPOKEN TO THROUGH THIS PROCESS. I will do everything in my power to make their lives miserable from here on until they issue me a credit. to my credit card. Brenan, Your name will be out there all over the internet, you had better act fast…. Nobody f….s with me and gets away with it. NOBODY… FROM A VERY VERY VERY ANGRY CONSUMER.. | Also, check out Elove, that is where Brenan worked before she worked for BMM OR they went out of business because of all the bad reviews. I am shocked that this place has not been shut down yet.

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