Botanica Gabriel y sus Discípulos

Botanica Gabriel y sus Discípulos Review

I fisrt contacted this person to find out what kind of help he could provide and if any, we agreed to met the very next morning, to speak more thoroughly about my situation. Once i drove to the location and we spoke a lot more we came to an accord on what was to be done and the outcome and of course what changes ond results will be seen with in a 2 week period for me to see the change, so we set a monetary amount on what in took to get started and would only be the amount for the job to get started and see the results, which ended up being half, once i had the results and was to a point in which i felt and saw confortable results/changes i would procedd with the other half of the amount previously discussed. | I was able to maintain daily contact and ask questions, but never saw any changes on any level, so i started questioning the person about the work, all that was said is that he continued to be performing the work and that something may show up soon, a month and a half later i confronted the person and asked for refund of the full amount or at least a resonable amount, since nothing ever changed. | The person was very confrontational and had stopped comunicating with me.

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